David Rabiner, Ph.D. - Senior Research Scientist, Duke University

"Here are the titles of the studies published in Attention Research Update since 2000 that you will have access to as soon you subscribe.   You will also have access to  additional articles published in prior years.

As you can see, the newsletter reviews a broad range of studies on ADHD and I believe you will find many of the articles to be of interest to you."

David Rabiner, Ph.D.  Senior Research Scientist, Duke University

                                           Attention Research Update Archives


Understanding Parents' Concerns about Medication Treatment

New Evidence Supporting Neurofeedback for Treatment ADHD

New Research Findings on the Misuse of ADHD Medications

The Daily Experience of Children with ADHD and their Moms

Does Yoga Help Children with Attention Problems?

Can exposure to nature reduce children's ADHD symptoms?

Transitions to College in Students with ADHD

Fatty Acid Supplementation helps Children's Academic  Functioning

Parenting in Moms with ADHD

Improving Writing Skills in Children with ADHD

Getting Ready: A Frustrating Time for Moms of Children with ADHD

Understandng the Relationship between ADHD and Depression in Children

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Teens with ADHD, Medication Treatment, and Driving Safety

ADHD, Executive Functioning, and Academic Achievement

Does Computerized Training Help Children with ADHD?

Dietary Intervention for ADHD: A Meta-Analysis

The abuse and misuse of ADHD medications

Fatty acid supplementation helps children's academics and behavior

ADHD and adjustment to college

The use and persistence of medication treatment for ADHD

Does tutoring helping children with attention problems?

A New Way of Thinking about ADHD: Barkley's Theory

Does Computer Assisted Math Instruction Help Children with ADHD?

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The relationship between ADHD symptoms in parents and their parenting behavior

ADHD: Increased medical costs for families

Is zinc an effective treatment for ADHD?

Quality of life in adolescents with ADHD

Does early televenion exposure lead to ADHD?

New Results from the Largest ADHD Treatment Study Ever Conducted

Is Yoga a helpful complementary intervention for ADHD?

A comparison of multimodal and stimulant medication treatment

Can exposure to nature reduce children's ADHD symptoms?

ADHD and Marital/Family Sastisfaction: A preliminary study

Longer eye contact improves compliance in children with ADHD

The relationship between ADHD symptoms, peer difficulties, and early onset conduct problems

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The Role of Neurofeedback In The Treatment of ADHD

Attention Problems and Academic Achievement

Friendship Patterns in Girls With or Without ADHD

Does Stimulant Medication Treatment Increase the Risk of Substance Abuse?

A Comparison of Neurofeedback and Stimulant Medication in the Treatment of ADHD

Transitions to College for Students with ADHD and/or Learning Disabilities

Oral flower essences as a treatment for ADHD

The Misuse and Abuse of Stulant Medication: What do we know?

Listening Comprehension Deficits in Boys with ADHD

Factors that may Influence Childen's Response to Treatment for ADHD

Helping Children with ADHD Develop Friendships

How Do Children with ADHD Explain Their Problem Behaviors?

Neurofeedback as an Aid to Enhance Attention and Improve Behavior in Children with AD/HD

Childhood Predictors of Adolescent Substance Use in Children with ADHD

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Atomoxetine: A New Medication Option for Treating ADHD

How do Middle and High School Students with ADHD Feel About Taking Medication?

Stress and coping in parents of children with ADHD

Neuropsychological functioning in ADHD subtypes

ADHD treatment in community settings - Impact on educational outcomes

The impact of family therapy on adolescents with ADHD and Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Does Medication Treatment Improve the Academic Performance of Adolescents with ADHD?

Adjustment and Social Competence in Children with ADHD Siblings

Does Maternal Responsiveness Predict Sons' Conduct Disordered Behavior?

ADHD Symptoms and the Daily Experience of Adolescents

The effect of fatty acid supplementation on ADHD symptoms

Do children's expectations for medication treatment effect treatment outcome?

Does Contact with Nature Improve Attentional Functioning in Children with ADHD?

Do Boys with ADHD Overestimate their Competence?

Recent trends in medication treatment

Young adults with ADHD: A comparison of combined and inattentive subtypes

How often does ADHD persist into adulthood

ADHD and mothers' feelings of psychological distress: The importance of child
behavior and mothers' feelings of control
Effects of Interactive Metronome rhthymicity training of children with ADHD:
Preliminary study of a new treatment approach

Classroom behavior of children with ADHD: Relationship
to gender and the presence of other difficulties

New information on ADHD in girls

Maximizing the benefits of stimulant medication treatment for children with ADHD

A Comparison of Atomoxetine (Strattera) and Methylphenidate treatment in children with ADHD

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The Effect of Vitamin-Mineral Supplementation on Juvenile Delinquency

Is The Conner's CPT a Valid Tool for Diagnosing ADHD?

The Role of Neurofeedback In The Treament of ADHD

The Teaching Attention Skills to Children with ADHD

New Outcome Reports From the MTA Study

Medication Treatment for ADHD: The Importance of Ongoing Monitoring

New Support For The Use of QEEG Scanning In Diagnosing ADHD

Do QEEG Scan Results Differentiate ADHD From Other Psychiatric Disorders

Do Comorbid Conditions Impact How Children withADHD Respond to Treatment?

New Evaluation and Treatment Guidelines from Expert Panel

Female Adolescents with ADHD

An Effective Behavioral Intervention for Preschoolers with ADHD

Does Stimulant Medication Improve the Driving Performance Of Young Adults with ADHD?

The Ways in which Parents Think about Parenting, Themselves, and
their Child may Affect Treatment Outcomes for Children with ADHD

New Treatment Guidelines for ADHD From the American Academy of Pediatrics

Does ADHD in Childhood Predict Peer Problems in Addolescence?

Which Intervention for ADHD are most Acceptable to Teachers?

Atomoxetine: A New Medication Option for Treating ADHD

How Do Middle and High School Students with ADHD Feel About Taking Medicaiton?

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Results of the largest ADHD treatment study ever conducted

What other disorders tend to occur with the different subtypes of ADHD?

How effective is clonidine as a medication for treating ADHD?

Does ADHD predict early drug use?

Patterns of brain activity in children with ADHD

A new rating scale to assist in diagnosing ADHD in adults

Can children with ADHD be taught better attention skills?

A National Perspective on Treatment Services for ADHD

Preliminary report of a new medication to assist children with ADHD and severe behavior problems

Does stimulant medication treatment improve self-esteem in children with ADHD and peer problems?

The effect of arousal level on creativity and time estimation in children with ADHD

An objective procedure for assessing ADHD?

Increasing use of stimulant medication treatment for preschoolers

The continuity of behavior problems and ADHD symptoms from preschool through early adolescence

How does young adult outcome relate to childhood ADHD, aggression, and stimulant medication use?

The effects of reward and punishment on the performance and motivation of children with ADHD

A behavioral strategy to control impulsivity * Does ADHD predict poor driving outcomes?

Neurofeedback treatment for ADHD and other attenional problems

Adderall vs. methylphenidate in the treatment of ADHD

A new approach for handling "explosive" children

Social functioning and emotional regulation in children with different subtypes of ADHD

How well do parents and teachers agree on the diagnosis of ADHD?

Recommended guidelines for medication treatment

Patterns of brain activity linked to positive medication response

Is stimulant medication overprescribed?

Concerta: A new medication for treating ADHD

Do boys with ADHD overestimate their social competence?

Parent and child report of sleep problems in children with ADHD

Empathy and emotional functioning in boys with ADHD

Self-esteem in children with ADHD

Teacher knowledge of ADHD

A procedure for predicting response to stimulant medication treatment

Can teens with ADHD evaluate the success of medication treatment?

ADHD and language difficulties

Sports behavior of children with ADHD

Early vs. late onset of ADHD symptoms: Does it matter?

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